Private Sessions & Consultations
with Ariel Giarretto

I specialize in deepening comfort, safety and pleasure in the body, which includes enhancing one’s relationship with oneself, as well as with sexuality, and within intimate connections. 

I am available in person, by phone, or Skype for private therapy sessions, relationship and sexuality coaching, and consultations. I also run small groups and 3 day workshops for people desiring on-going support, for the immersion that workshops provide.

I am available for mental and medical health care professionals needing consultation concerning patients or clients, as well as folks seeking treatment for personal healing.

I welcome men, women, couples, poly relationships, non-binary and trans identities, kink, kink curious, as well as any and all sexual orientations and those questioning. 

How I Work

As a licensed therapist, somatically-based trauma specialist and sexuality educator, I customize an integrative approach depending on personal need, that includes a solid training in the psychological, social/cultural, emotional, physiological, religious and developmental issues affecting sexuality, backed by science, mindfulness practices, intuition and decades of experience personally and professionally. I work with all levels of sexual experience from the most shy to those sexually active who desire to enhance their sexual responsiveness.

Topics might include

  • body image, comfort and acceptance
  • overcoming shame
  • increased sensations and body awareness, leading to greater self esteem and amazing sex
  • understanding and overcoming all that blocks your ability to enjoy sex and sensuality
  • establishing clear boundaries
  • how not to lose oneself in relationship
  • healing sexual abuse, rape and all forms of trauma
  • reworking developmental trauma and neglect to heal attachment wounds
  • sexual dysfunction such as low sexual response, erectile challenges and understanding the aging body
  • relationship coaching, and attracting appropriate partners
  • becoming a better lover
  • learning how to ask for what you want
  • improving sexual response and pleasure
  • struggles with feeling desirable, and accepting being desired when it comes towards you
  • understand your body and your orgasmic response


  • how to have fun, playful sex!
  • deepen intimacy and attunement to yourself and your partner(s)
  • understand (and be surprised by) your partner’s unique erotic zones
  • increase pleasure in lovemaking
  • take some risks and explore your wildest sexual fantasies
  • getting clear on what your body likes and dislikes, and how to effectively communicate this
  • coaching on how to drive your partner “wild with desire"
  • bring the spark back to long-term relationships
  • “opening" your relationship to other lovers, and how to navigate communication and jealousy


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