Private Sessions & Consultations
with Tom Callanan

Bringing compassion, healing and new life to our areas of greatest darkness and difficulty.

I offer talk-based and hands-on coaching for heterosexual men, women and couples. I specialize in working with those new to sex and relationship therapy, those struggling with sexual shame and shutdown, and those recovering from sexual wounding, abuse, and trauma. 

  • Do you feel sexually blocked or shut down?
  • Do you sometimes get stuck in your head, disappear or go numb during sex?
  •  Do you often find it hard to orgasm or struggle with erectile issues?
  •  Is knowing what you want and asking for it a struggle?
  • Do you want to be desired yet struggle with feeling desirable?
  • Do you find yourself consistently attracting partners who aren’t good for you?

If you answered yes to one or a number of the above questions, it’s possible that you’re suffering from “sexuality trauma,” even if you don’t identify as a trauma survivor.  Sexual trauma is not just about sexual violation, it’s also about disconnection from your body and the core of who you are. This disconnection, especially for women, is endemic to Western culture. Because it’s so prevalent, it can often be hard to recognize, and yet it can be profoundly disempowering and destructive. We all carry wounds around our sexuality.

The good news is that Ariel Giarretto and I created the Full Embodiment Method specifically to recognize and treat these wounds and turn them into opportunities for new life. With tenderness, care, compassion and skillful means, you can learn to come back into your body and reclaim your full sexual power and vitality, even if you’ve never experienced easeful sex before and even after long dry spells and trauma. Because your sexuality is at the core of who you are, when you clear sexual blockages, other areas of your life follow suit: you become more at home in your body and more confident in who you are; your creative spark and juice return; you begin to draw good people and things to yourself; life begins to feel easy, abundant and joyful.

How I Work

Most people who come to me start with a degree of apprehension. This is completely understandable and natural. As a trauma survivor, I understand the need for emotional safety, solid boundaries and complete trust. Individual sessions look different for everyone. Sometimes we might unravel issues through conversation. Sometimes just a little outside perspective is all that’s needed to open up new avenues of healthy sexuality. Other times I might teach you certain practices or lead you through experiential activities designed to give you new experiences and create new mental and emotional patterns. Sometimes bodywork can be a powerful tool for releasing trauma, opening new pathways to pleasure and unlocking hidden potential. Whatever the form, my practice rests on a foundation of deep listening, presence, respect, and curiosity about who you are and what you need now. My clients often describe me as compassionate, non-judgmental, direct, transparent, grounded, sensitive and safe.


I offer individual sessions over Skype or from my home office in Santa Cruz, CA. Pricing is by the session, series or month and ranges from $100 to $250/hour depending on the type of work. 

I also offer personalized, one-on-one instruction in the Full Embodiment Method for individuals and couples. The program, which is taught entirely by me, includes five telephone sessions over a three-month period as well as a 2.5 day weekend intensive of one-on-one coaching in Santa Cruz. Price is $3,500/person or $5,000/couple. 

For a free 20-minute consult or to schedule an appointment, contact me at or call me at (269) 760-0362.


"I honestly believe that every woman would benefit from receiving Tom’s healing work. What a gift!  I feel completely safe working with Tom on my most intimate and protected places of shame, shutdown and self judgment. My defenses are melting, my body is waking up, and my sexual energy and confidence are growing.”
- Katherine, 38, mother of three
I came to Tom because I’m shy and lacking in confidence in dating situations, and I suffer from erectile dysfunction.  From the very first session, Tom introduced me to practices, resources, and techniques and gave me advice that have literally created a whole new chapter in my sex life.”
- John, 62, electrician
"I am so grateful to have worked with Tom. In just a couple sessions, my body knew it could be relaxed and safe right when I walked in the door. As counselor and guide, he holds a steady container for self exploration and expression. I found his skill with Internal Family Systems, attachment theory, and shame work particularly helpful and empowering. I am also a healer and facilitator and I mostly work with women. Tom is one of the few men I feel confident referring my clients to, especially those with sexual assault trauma.” 
- Tracy, 28, healer, facilitator, feminist, artist