The quickest and most effective way to love your body, enhance your pleasure, and find full ease with your sexuality is to take one of our three weekend workshops.

Each workshop runs Friday morning to Sunday afternoon and is led by Full Embodiment co-founders and master teachers Ariel Giarretto and Tom Callanan. Class sizes are small, usually 15-30 people, with smaller sub-groupings of 3-6 participants created and led by our talented team of sex educators and counselors.

Workshops happen periodically throughout the year in different parts of the country, as well as internationally. Although the three workshops are designed to build on each other, they can be taken individually without prerequisite.

Our Approach

Each workshop employs a friendly mix of science, psychological and emotional exploration and direct experience. We combine lectures, videos and reading materials, with gentle, respectful exercises and supported group discussions. The body is seen as the primary source of wisdom and pleasure; as the ultimate “experiencer.” Tom and Ariel merge their many decades of combined skill and expertise to develop proven methods that solidify a connection to the core/authentic self, facilitate genuine self-love, and secure a new and dynamic relationship with our embodied passion.


Safety, consent, boundaries and choice –crucial components of the program. The exercises are designed to be progressive, and a bit “edgy”, however the pace is slow and easy. Every exercise encourages choice and embodied consent, and all boundaries will be respected. This program wants the “yes” to come from the inside, and each participant will learn how to access their most authentic “no”, and most uncensored “yes”! There will be no nudity or sexual exploration during workshop hours. Sensual touch is limited to self touch, however in the Embodied Relationships workshop, couples and individuals may negotiate the levels of contact with which they are comfortable, moment-to-moment. In all workshops, your identity as a workshop participant, along with the nature of the exercises and the identities of other participants, is kept strictly confidential.

Who benefits from the workshops?

Full Embodiment Workshops are open to all levels of sexual or sensual interest and experience, and are designed for anyone ready to transform their relationship to themselves and their bodies. They are suited for individuals and couples who are actively sexual and wanting to enhance their pleasure and ability to be better lovers, as well as for those who may not be sexual and/or are struggling with sexual wounding, dissociation, body image, shame, gender identity, low libido or sexual dysfunction. A large percentage of our participants are therapists and other professionals who want to take their personal exploration in sexuality to the next level and learn how to better work with sexuality issues with their clients.  

We offer a welcome place for all genders, all identities and all sexual orientations, as well as all ages and body types. We’re radically inclusive, and yet we steer away from politics and positions that are derisive. We offer a space where we recognize that we’re all wounded in our sexuality and all products of societal/cultural subjugation and/or religious oppression. With open hearts, compassion and understanding, we work side-by-side to heal all that’s been divided in each of us so that we might become fully embodied agents of change in the world.


In the Foundation Workshop, we’ll learn the framework that all other Full Embodiment workshops are built on.

Through a variety of mindfulness and embodiment practices, we’ll track the subtleties of embodiment and increase our awareness of when and where we’re in our bodies, and when and how we’re NOT in our bodies.  

From a developmental perspective, we’ll examine the social, cultural, religious, and familial messages we’ve been given about our bodies and gender and observe how these messages often interrupt our connection to our body’s amazing capacity to experience pleasure. As we uncover the roots of our blockages, we’ll engage a series of practices for actively clearing shame, healing sexual wounds and shifting unconscious patterns and outmoded beliefs that sabotage connection and keep us separate and disconnected.

We’ll also learn and practice skills for establishing clear boundaries — sensing and embodying our genuine “yes” and “no”. This creates the necessary foundation for establishing a felt sense of safety and ease within our bodies and with others. 

As we feel more comfortable and safe in our own skin, we’ll begin to access enhanced and unmuted body awareness and experience how our sexuality becomes freer and more ecstatic. We’ll then be able to access and embody a more authentic sexual, sensual self that accurately reflects the essence of who we are. Finally, we’ll establish a clear vision and path forward for how to ground and integrate this enhanced awareness and capacity in our everyday lives, habits and relationships. 

"Until I sat in the field of Ariel and Tom’s Full Embodiment workshop, I had no idea how big of a hole I’d been experiencing around acknowledging dimensions of my sexuality... Much of my confusion around mixed internal messaging and outward perceptions of me both personally and professionally as healthy and competent while inside I felt fearful and unsure about myself, were clarified and illuminated. Confusion that has plagued me for years is no longer present. Layers of messaging that my body absorbed early in life, that outwardly had nothing to do with sexuality but inwardly were metabolized as such, no longer feel separate and discordant but instead feel like an integrated whole finding its way to health... and Full Embodiment." - Jamie, age 32, teacher

Upcoming Workshop

In the Anatomy of Arousal Workshop we’ll learn to become aware of and manage our sexual arousal and inhibition patterns through three lenses: physical, physiological and psychological. 

We’ll look first with curiosity and compassion at our genitals from a somatic, sensation level that bypasses the effects of language, conditioning, and shame.  Our love of sex begins here…not with our often harsh opinions and judgments about our bodies and sex…but with befriending our bodies and genitals through sensation and pleasure. 

We’ll then look at the mechanisms of physical arousal and inhibition through an in-depth study of male and female anatomy, the autonomic nervous system, and the “Brake-Accelerator Model of Sexual Response.”  

We’ll pay special attention to how shame, negative social conditioning and sexual wounding act as inhibiting factors or “brakes” to our nervous systems and arousal patterns.  By learning about the physiology of shame and the somatic mechanisms of how trauma gets stored in the body, we can loosen their grip and defeat the negative reactions and behavior patterns that often shackle us. 

Finally, we’ll identify the most potent “accelerators” to our arousal by identifying our “core erotic theme.” And we’ll look at the fascinating connection between our sexual fantasies and glitches in early parenting and how these are often the most direct road to passionate, satisfying sex. 

You’ll come away from this weekend with a clearer understanding, love and acceptance of who you are as a sexual and erotic being. You’ll know more clearly what turns you on and off and why. And you’ll leave with greater self awareness and conscious control over your inhibitions and passions and their effect on your body and nervous system. 

“Full Embodiment has been profoundly valuable to me, both personally and professionally. Ariel and Tom have weaved together a wealth of diverse, scientifically sound perspectives on sexuality, embodiment, trauma recovery, and group process. It's the first work of its kind that I've found to have such a good mix of experiential practice and theory, and crucially, the experiential work was digestible and found immediate expression in my life.” - Robert, age 52, creativity and business coach

Upcoming Workshop

The Embodied Relationships Workshop revisits key concepts and practices covered in the Foundation and Anatomy of Arousal Workshops and takes that connection to ourselves and our bodies to the next level of application - relationship to others.

Mindfulness and sensation tracking is our on-going practice and foundation, reaffirming that listening to and bringing unmuted awareness to our primary relationship…our bodies…. is where the most self acceptance, safety, and pleasure resides. This skill is especially essential as we face engagement with others! 

The brake-accelerator model of sexual arousal continues to inform our awareness of our genuine “yeses” and “noes” at any given moment, and thus question what specifically turns us on and off in intimacy. 

We’ll look into our “core erotic theme” to identify the central driver(s) behind psychological arousal and how it manifests in our relationship choices and sexual engagements. Recommended reading for this section is The Erotic Mind by Jack Morin, especially Chapters 1 and 2 and “The Sexual Excitement Survey” in the appendix.

You’ll come away from this weekend with a clearer understanding and acceptance of who you are in relationship, and why.  You’ll recognize your triggers, and your yearnings. You’ll have access to the more the subtle levels of relating, and how often your body has one desire, one reaction, and your mind another. You’ll know more clearly what you want and need (along with what you don’t want) from intimate encounters, and why. As you get clear about your authentic desires, you’ll be able to ask for what you want from your partner, and you’ll know how to coach them if they don’t succeed the first time… and the second.  And if it takes three times, you’ll have skills for handling triggers and disappointments when they arise. No matter what happens, you’ll be present in your body, loving and attending to yourself with your full embodied presence, acceptance, compassion and love.  

We’ll introduce five new skills and practices for creating interpersonal awareness and full embodiment within our intimate relationships:  


We’ll learn to give and receive three different types of sensual touch, ask for what we want and need in romantic engagements, and give feedback and encouragement in a way that builds trust. Along the way, we’ll learn to articulate our specific touch profile. 


We’ll learn how to set and keep good boundaries and turn disappointment, vulnerability, difference and wounding into greater intimacy and connection.  


We’ll practice a powerful and effective method for spotting, naming, managing and responding to triggers as they appear in relationships. 


We’ll witness and practice the basics of a heart and body-based approach to improvisation, flirting and seduction, which are also the basics of embodied lovemaking. 


We’ll push the edges by exploring through role-play three types of sexual engagement: Romance, passion, and dominance/submission. Together with what we’ve learned about our core erotic theme, we’ll identify our specific erotic profile. 

And if any of these topics scare you, know that at every moment you are “in choice”, and we respect at all times personal edges and boundaries with complete acceptance and without judgment. This is not a program that expects anyone to “push through” anything. We will explore these exercises with gentleness, reverence for past wounds and a healthy dose of playfulness! This workshop is open to people who are single, couples and poly couples!

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