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Costa Rica: Eros Unbound: Sensuality, Shadow, and Transcendence

Located on the central west coast of the Puntarenas Province in Esterillos Este, “Encantada Ocean Cottages” is a beautiful and cozy hideaway, and an ideal destination to hold a retreat.

This workshop will offer the latest in our new material on expanding erotic potential and pleasure. We step away from emphasizing trauma for now, and take a deeper and more playful look at exploring our healthy, erotic capacity. A full 6 day program. Suitable for singles or couples. Bring your spouses and partners!

Join Ariel and Tom for our first 6-day residential retreat where we present our newest material on embodied sexuality. Next January, in the astonishing beauty of Costa Rica, we explore three powerful and effective avenues to deepen sexual pleasure and intimacy: sensuality, shadow and transcendence. 

Day 1, 2 and 3 will focus on

  • embodiment practices

  • sensual pleasures

  • playfulness, and invitations to gently push edges 

  • tips for expanding sexual pleasure 

We’ll face fears, inhibitions, past wounds and beliefs and step into new dimensions of our erotic selves.


The most direct access to our sexual energy, and that of our partners, is through the domain of our five senses. Through multiple embodiment practice of touch, movement, breath, sight, the sounds and smells of the jungle and sea, and taste of delicious food, we land more and more into our bodies to expose our most intense erotic sensuality.

Our workshop location, the Encantada Beach Cottages on Costa Rica’s central pacific coast supports this exploration…and is one of the most beautiful and sensuous places in the world. 

With Encantada totally to ourselves, we’ll slow down and enjoy the subtleties of our body’s experience in the hotel’s lush garden setting and crystal clear pool, its remote and picturesque beach, its luxurious beds, and delicious, healthy locally-sourced cuisine that accommodates all dietary needs. Within Encantada’s protective embrace, we invite you to surrender yourself, make new friends and meet like-minded people, and take a deep dive into the spell of the sensuous! Note—there will be no nudity, and no sexual contact during the workshop, and all exercises are, of course, done with complete consent and full choice.


Sexual pleasure and the capacity to connect with our true selves, as well as our partners is often constrained by social conditioning, sexual wounding and shame. Our most authentic sexuality and capacity for expanded ecstasy is hidden from most of us. There is very little invitation to discover it, and thus many of us have rather “vanilla” sex, when we could be having fireworks. Our intent is to gently unearth who you are underneath those confines, and allow a more wild and riskier erotic side to emerge. We have a sensual self and an erotic self….How can we shamelessly experience and delight in our “naughtier” and more unfettered side?

We’ll be examining our more shadowed nature initially by uncovering how our current desires, fantasies and turn-ons are often formed in early childhood. Then through archetypes, playful role play, fantasies, and erotic imagination, we’ll integrate all this information as a portal to greater erotic pleasure.. 

At Encantada we’ll create a safe container for engaging the heart of our own darkness with curiosity, non-judgment, and playfulness. Exploring slowly and safely in a step-by-step fashion, we will together come to a deeper, and often surprising, understanding of our true erotic nature.

Day 4 there are options


For millennia, indigenous peoples have turned to mind and heart-altering medicines to explore the outermost dimensions of their inner worlds. Now there’s a resurgence of interest in these medicines, supported by discoveries in neuroscience that suggest that they provide a particularly potent avenue for trauma recovery and personal change. In his NYTimes bestseller book, How to Change Your Mind—author Michael Pollan says, “The scientific evidence is compelling and points to the fact that psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, when approached under the right conditions and with the right guidance, is both an extremely safe and effective pathway to personal change, growth and healing.” 

Within the safe container of our private resort, you’ll have the option of participating in a once-in-a lifetime opportunity. Led by Tom, who has 40 years of experience in this domain, first as an Outward Bound instructor and river/mountain guide, and now as an “inward bound” guide, working with altered states of consciousness. Contact Tom for more details.


Ariel will be offering a relaxing day of expanded, transcendent sensual touch for those who don’t journey.

Day 5

Day off! Book a tour through our hotel. Rest by the beach.

Day 6



The workshop starts at 9:00 the morning of January 17, and will end the afternoon of the 22rd around 3:00pm.

There are numerous lodging options. The price listed here, $1499.00 per person is the “all inclusive” option, and includes the workshop tuition, 6 nights lodging and all meals, starting dinner the evening of Jan 16th, ending breakfast on the 22nd, plus transportation from the airport to Encantada, a welcome drink and a farewell bonfire. There are options to rent surf, skim and boogie boards, as well as to schedule a surf lesson, yoga classes, horse riding on the beach, massages and a variety of wonderful local nature and adventure tours. Please contact me for lodging options,