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London, England: Healing Sexual Abuse and Assault- The Full Embodiment Model

  • SOS International contact Dawne (map)

All of us work with clients who have experienced sexual trauma as a child, sexual assault as adults, with couples who grapple with sexual incompatibilities, or people who struggle with sexual identity, body image and just generally resist being in their bodies.

This workshop is designed to tackle just these issues, and aimed at helping practitioners acquire a variety of new and effective tools to best serve these clients—even the toughest ones. Introducing material not covered in the SE training.


  • How to work with those most reluctant to inhabit their bodies

  • Learn multiple exercises to deepen and expand embodiment and pleasure in comfortable, titrated ways

  • Learn new ways of strengthening boundaries and establishing genuine “embodied consent”

  • Learn skills specific to working with male survivors

  • Learn how to support couples when one is sexually avoidant, or when there are sexual incompatibilities

  • How to work with low libido, spice up long-term relationships and enliven sexuality as the body ages

  • Tools for healing shame, body image and identity questions

  • Ideas on working with common sexual dysfunctions


  • Become friends with your body, and inhabit it with comfort and ease, all parts of it…

  • Develop more awareness, find new levels of pleasure. Even enjoy sex more!

  • Get comfortable talking about the body and discussing sexuality issues with your clients and intimates.


Therapists, psychologists, and practitioners who want to become more adept at somatically treating sexual trauma and sexuality issues.