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Oberursal, Germany: Full Embodiment—Healing Sexuality Trauma

  • The Reformhaus Akademie (near Frankfurt Airport) Oberursel Germany (map)

Join Ariel for three powerful, yet gentle days that will transform your relationship to your body and your sexuality. 

This workshop is primarily experiential, and is aimed at healing the shame that both men and women carry from countless generations of negative messages about sex, the body and gender, whether they’re cultural, religious or intergenerational. Introducing the latest in somatic sex therapy and sexuality research, it is designed for anyone who desires a deep and lasting change. It supports therapists in working with sexuality trauma in their practices, however it is also appropriate for anyone interested in personal exploration. Clinicians, this is your chance to bring, or refer your friends, clients, colleagues and intimates.


Explore, and heal the hidden social, psychological and developmental influences that shape shame, poor body image, and disconnection from self and others.

• Discover your most authentic relationship with your body, your gender, your sensuality

• Get comfortable talking about the body and sexuality with your clients and intimates.

• Expand body awareness and pleasure, and heal what inhibits or interrupts you being fully alive and comfortable in all parts of your body.

• Establish clear boundaries, and embodied consent, so you learn to safe and empowered in your body, and never feel violated or trapped by shame again.

• Discover what fully satisfying sex and intimacy is— by your standards, personal interests and desires.

• Become a better lover and a skilled receiver.


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