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Oakland, CA: Uncovering the Roots of Sexuality Trauma - Ariel Giarretto & Tom Callanan

  • Oakland, California USA (map)

Uncovering the Roots of Sexuality Trauma

bring ENHANCED vitality and aliveness to your sexuality and relationship to your body

May 10-12, 2019

Temple Dara
4920 Telegraph Ave Oakland,CA

$475.00 ($525.00 after April 15)

Current SE students or assistants, as well as couples discounts available.

Join Ariel Giarretto, LMFT, and Tom Callanan, Somatic Sex Educators and Trauma Specialists for three powerful and deeply experiential yet gentle days.

This workshop is designed for anyone wanting to find more ease, comfort, as well as passion and pleasure in their bodies and their sensuality.

Through a variety of mindfulness and embodiment practices, backed by the latest research on sexuality, the exploration is on "who am I underneath everything I have ever been told about my body, my gender, and my sexuality? If I were to move aside all the cultural, religious, social and familial influences, what is my most genuine relationship to myself and my sensuality that I long to (deserve to) have?" “If I have endured sexual abuse or assault, or invasive medical procedures, how do I begin to reclaim my body as my own, on my terms?”

We'll examine key developmental stages that shape shame, disembodiment and disconnection from self and others. We'll explore how these messages interrupt our connection to our body’s amazing capacity to experience pleasure, and then engage in a series of practices for actively clearing shame, healing sexual wounds and shifting unconscious patterns and outmoded beliefs.

We’ll also learn and practice skills for identifying clear boundaries, “embodied consent” —creating the necessary foundation for establishing a felt sense of safety, clarity and empowerment.

What have participants said about “Full Embodiment”?

  • “They have created a very unique animal here that I have not experienced in decades of training as a couples and intimacy therapist. Ariel’s background as a trauma therapist, her training in attachment and prenatal recovery, and Tom’s work with men and sexual abuse brings to this program a depth, a safety, and a psychological intelligence untapped in similar sexuality programs.” Catherine SEP, couples coach and body therapist

  • “This work has been profoundly valuable to me, both personally and professionally. Ariel and Tom have weaved together a wealth of diverse, scientifically sound perspectives on sexuality, embodiment, trauma recovery, and group process. It's the first work of its kind that I've found to have such a good mix of experiential practice and theory, and crucially, the experiential work is truly digestible.” SK, creativity and intimacy coach

  • “This workshop is amazing~ Tender, safe, juicy, exploratory, gentle, vibrant, grounded, playful, healthy, inspiring, healing, fresh & delicious.

    I am a deeply sensitive person who experienced childhood sexual trauma, as well as years of trauma-healing & therapy… I have longed for a supportive venue/workshop in which to explore/heal/discover my own authentic sexuality/sensuality~ in safety, respect, mindful-pacing, depth, wisdom, integration & embodied presence. While most sexuality/sensuality workshops I’ve heard of, or tasted, felt “too-much/too-fast” (potentially re-traumatizing &/or dissociating), Ariel & Tom’s course is beautifully balanced & mindful~ grounded in somatic presence, wise-pacing, kindness & fun. The course is savvy around trauma, boundaries & authentic pace; as well as including healthy doses of flavorful creative vibrant exploring. There is space for both wound & healing; for deep vulnerability & joy; for 'yes' & 'no;' for slowing down & bubbling up; for curiosity & discovery.” Margaret, SEP

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