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The Energetics of Intimacy and Attachment - Embodied Relating

  • Rudramandir Center 830 Bancroft Way Berkeley, CA, 94710 United States (map)

Exploring the subtleties of the body in relationship

with Tom Callanan and Ariel Giarretto

The Embodied Relationships Workshop revisits key concepts and practices covered in the Foundation Workshops and takes that connection to ourselves and our bodies to the next level of application - relationship to others.

This workshop examines: “What happens in myself, my body, and my being in relation to others?”

Open to:

  • Individuals, either coupled or not, and actively sexual or not who want to improve their physical, emotional and sexual intimacy

  • Couples wanting to explore new depths of intimacy with each other

  • Singles who are hoping to find satisfying relationships

  • Therapists who work with any of the above

This 3 day workshop focuses on connection to self and the body, while being in proximity with others. You do not need to be in couple relationship to get great benefit from this program. Nor does your partner need to be present.

We help you experience the subtle and not-so-obvious ways that you engage intimately, and how to open to new and yet-to-be explored possibilities of joy and pleasure. The goal is clearer boundaries and greater freedom to explore your sexy self playfully in new and different ways, without shame.

After the weekend participants will:

  • come away with a clearer understanding of the subtle levels of relating that occur under conscious awareness

  • recognize, and reduce triggers, enabling genuine wants and needs to emerge…..and learn to communicate these effectively

  • learn tools for staying present and embodied

  • identify deep desires and yearnings, and notice what gets in the way of opening to them

  • plus many more!


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