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Berkeley, CA: "Expanding the Erotic Self- Embodying Eros, Shadow and the Sacred" - Ariel Giarretto & Tom Callanan $475.00

  • Rudramandir Center 830 Bancroft Way Berkeley, California USA (map)

An entirely new program launching this year with Tom and Ariel. The Theme is “Sensuality, Eros, Shadow and Honoring the Divine”. We take what we learned in the other workshops and focus now on expanding erotic potential. We’ll put trauma behind us for now, and step into new realms, and new levels of play and pleasure enhancement.

Suitable for both couples and singles.

Discounts for current SE students and assistants.

Join us for a special “more advanced” program where we present our newest material on embodied sexuality. This workshop is for those of you who have attended one of workshops and are eager to go a bit work a few edges and discover new levels of pleasure in yourself and your partner. 

This program deepens into new realms of sensuality and embodiment. This is a time to get playful, to uncover some hidden edges, but also to deepen more fully into the sacred aspects of sexuality and intimacy.


Through multiple embodiment practice of touch, movement, breath, sight, sounds and smells we will land more and more into our bodies to expose our most intense erotic sensuality.

Shadow: Sexual pleasure and the capacity to connect with our true selves, as well as our partners is often constrained by social conditioning, sexual wounding and shame. Our most authentic sexuality and capacity for expanded ecstasy is hidden from most of us. There is very little invitation to discover it, and thus many of us have rather “vanilla” sex, when we could be having fireworks. Our intent is to gently unearth who you are underneath those confines, and allow a more wild and unfettered, erotic side to emerge. We have a sensual self and our erotic self….How can we shamelessly step into a “naughtier” or unconventional side?

 We’ll be examine how our current desires, fantasies and turn-ons are often formed in early childhood. Then through archetypes, playful role play, fantasies, and erotic imagination, we’ll integrate all this information as a portal to greater pleasure..

Of course all of this will be interwoven with exercises to deepen the sacred and divine elements of connection and intimacy.