Sexuality Series

Ariel is excited to be offering a series of online webinars specifically addressing all issues of sexuality and intimate relationships for trauma therapists and sex educators and "sexperts". Each meet for 90 minutes.



Click link under "register" for latest dates



Topics to be discussed could include

  • working with sexual abuse or assault, and the steps needed to move towards healthy, safe, embodied intimacy

  • supporting people who have limited body awareness or fears of being sexual

  • working with infertility, lack of sexual interest, gender identity or body dysmorphia,

  • addressing common sexual struggles such as the aging body, erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia

  • couples and.....well..... all the complexities of coupledom--sexual incompatibility, how to "spice up" long term relationships, how to "open" a relationship gracefully

  • for touch therapists--how not to re-traumatize clients

  • working skillfully with kink, BDSM

Notice they are offered at different times to adjust to different time zones, in an attempt allow a variety of time zones and schedules to participate. You can email Ariel in advance with specific topics to cover (ariel@fullembodiment.org) and she will also make time for a number of client cases.

Ariel will add more dates in the future as she gets clear on the interest in this topic and the times that suit the most people. Those of you in the SE training needing faculty level consultation credits, these groups will qualify for one half hour of credit, however you must be on the call to get credit, and you must be present the whole time. Recordings will be available to purchase, as well, if you can't attend live--but just for listening, Ariel cannot grant consultation credit unless you are live on the call. Feel free to pass this info on to colleagues.

If you prefer to pay by paypal, and not a credit card you send $40 via PayPal "friends & family" to arielgcal@gmail.com. Send me a quick email with the date you prefer, and I will add you to the roster.

The day before the event I'll be sending out Zoom requests.