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Our sexual and relational potential is often compromised by disconnection—from our bodies, our sexuality, each other and the earth. This disconnection is a natural result of living in Western culture, but it’s particularly true for those raised within strong religious traditions or those who’ve experienced sexual abuse, marginalization, assault or bullying. We can heal this disconnection and reclaim our true selves through a process of re-connection that we call Full Embodiment. This involves engaging in a variety of skillful somatic practices, which takes us underneath our judgments about its imperfections as well as past wounds, imprints and self-limiting ideas. By making friends with our bodies, we gain direct access to its wisdom and its extraordinary capacity for intimacy, creativity, healing, and sexual/sensual pleasure.

Through Full Embodiment’s offerings of workshops, webinars and/or personal sessions, you can learn to change and dramatically improve your sexual and relational life, no matter what’s happened to you in the past. It’s never to late (or early) to experience the kind of transformational sexuality and intimacy education and coaching that you never received.  In so doing, you’ll reconnect to your body, your authentic sexual self and power, and greater intimacy with your partner, potential partner, and all of life.   

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