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September 12-16: Getting to the Core of Sexuality Trauma, Naxos, Greece

Presented by Ariel Giarretto, LMFT, SEP, Somatic Sex Educator, Somatic Experiencing Trainer  Costs: € 850 (DKK 6.500)

A unique opportunity to combine a lovely trip to Greece with important and life-changing material! This event includes 4 days of experiential learning interspersed with a day of exploring, dancing and feasting!

This 4-day workshop is designed to transform your relationship with the body and with sexuality. Introducing numerous cutting-edge techniques aimed at healing the shame that both men and women carry from countless generations of negative messages about sex and gender, whether they’re cultural, religious or intergenerational. It supports therapists in working with sexuality trauma in their practices, however it is also appropriate for anyone interested in personal exploration. Clinicians, this is your chance to bring, or refer your friends, clients and intimates.

September 18 is open to all professionals wanting more specific ways of working with sexuality issues with clients or patients.

Workshop Content

Presenting the latest on the science of sexuality, as well as what physiologically and emotionally interrupts sexual response, this 3-day workshop will cover how to: 

  • Help yourself or clients have more ease, confidence and a more complete connection with the body and sex.
  • Establish a strong somatic container and develop a loving, accepting relationship with the body.
  • Become adept at talking and/or thinking about all things sexual, both personally and professionally.
  • Understand the sexual response through the latest brake/accelerator model and support self and clients in understanding the unconscious “brakes” that thwart pleasure, presence and desire.
  • Heal sexual wounds and deep-seated shame. Although it is not a class on “sexual abuse” specifically, the class will provide a foundation for how to help survivors find internal comfort, authentic boundaries, personal safety and acceptance.
  • Examine the messages given about gender, the body and sexuality, and begin to access and embody more genuine beliefs and desires.
  • Explore sexuality from a historical, developmental, psychological and physiological perspective. 
  • Increase ability to experience full-body pleasure. 
  • The workshop introduces aspects of the longer, 3-part Full Embodiment model, which Ariel has co-developed

Workshop Format

This workshop is a friendly mix of science and education, psychological and emotional inquiry, and gentle, respectful exercises designed to deepen contact with self. We will be examining some very “edgy” topics yet the pace and the safety of the container will make the material manageable for most and will support integration and change.

  • Content is presented in the form of lectures, videos, art, music and readings.
  • To deepen the learning, the workshop includes somatic practices for self-inquiry, as well as opportunities for self-reflection, journaling and personal sharing in small groups. These exercises may be practiced at home, or applied when working with clients. 

Who is this Workshop For?

  • Individuals wanting to improve their intimate relationships, who have healthy sexuality, yet who hope to learn more about their bodies and their sexuality.
  • Individuals ready to transform their relationship to themselves and their bodies, especially those who have survived sexual trauma or gender discrimination.
  • People who were raised with negative attitudes or condemning messages concerning their gender, sex and the body.
  • Therapists, coaches, social workers, bodyworkers, healthcare professionals plus anyone working with sexual trauma, dissociation, body image, gender identity, couples or individuals suffering from sexual dysfunction, people who have experienced invasive medical procedures to the pelvic area, as well as clients from other cultures with oppressive attitudes toward sex, will benefit.
  • LGBTIQ, gender fluid, and all sexual orientations wanting to deepen connection to true self, and deepen relations with others.

Practical information

One of the days we will arrange a boat trip to one or two of the small islands that surround Naxos. This excursion is open to family, friends and partners and the costs will be shared by all.

  • The last evening there will be a dinner invitation after the closure at the seminar place and some kind of live music and celebration.
  • Dates: September 12th to 16th 2017
  • Costs: € 850.- (DKK 6.500,-) for the tuition only. Room and board costs are paid separately. A double room at Hotel Kouros costs 20 € per person (breakfast included). There will be served lunch for 5 days for 15 € per person per day, obligatory. The excursion day includes only breakfast. Additional meals are not included on the excursion. Airfare and ferry costs are at own expense.
  • Coffee and tea will be provided, as well as fruit in the afternoon. Dinner is at own expense at the restaurants in the charming village of Apollonas.
  • Sign up:, marked ”Ariel Naxos 2017”. It is important that you sign up for your participation before June 30. At that date we will know if the workshop has enough participants to be held. You will be notified right after June 30, and we will send you payment information and ask you to pay in the tuition fee by August 1st.
  • To view the location of the course “Ariadne”, please go to
  • Apollonas is an ideal place for quiet vacations so you could always arrive earlier or leave later after the end of the workshop. More information about beautiful Apollonas here: and about Hotel Kouros here:
  • For further information please contact: Ursula Fürstenwald, phone + 45 39272524, email:, - More complete information regarding travel, accommodation, information about the island and payment will be provided for participants. Ask for more information.
  • Seminar to be held in English without translation
  • If you require further information about the workshop, you are welcome to email Ariel


Sign up:, marked ”Ariel Naxos 2017”. It is important that you sign up for your participation before June 30. At that date we will know if the workshop has enough participants to be held. You will be notified right after June 30, and we will send you payment information and ask you to pay in the tuition fee by August 1st.


What are graduates saying about the program:

"Until I sat in the field of Ariel’s Embodiment workshop, I had no idea how big of a hole I had been experiencing around acknowledging of dimensions sexuality. Through many years of personal workshops and professional trainings in the realms of health and healing, recognition of sexuality was never worked with in an embodied way nor recognized beyond the trauma and dysfunction around it. My experience in the workshop connected me with healthy, non-taboo exploration of embodied sexuality, with both a fully welcome and gently cared for recognition of the sexuality that lives in us all and with which so many of us grapple living in a culture with unclear messages." -Jessica K therapist, doula, SEP
“This work has been profoundly valuable to me, both personally and professionally. Ariel has woven together a wealth of diverse, scientifically sound perspectives on sexuality, embodiment, trauma recovery, and group process. It's the first work of its kind that I've found to have such a good mix of experiential practice and theory, and crucially, the experiential work is truly digestible.” - Robert, Relationship Coach